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    Stockcar Heat 08 V3 Downloads


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    Stockcar Heat 08 V3 Downloads

    Post  dsalnis S14 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:01 pm

    This is the download section for Stockcar Heat 08 and related downloads to play the game.
    We will endevour to update this topic as new downloads or information is available so you have easy access to it.

    IMPORTANT!! > > > If this is your first time installing Stockcar Heat then you MUST make sure you install everything in this post in-order or else the game won't work. < < <

    If you have Stockcar Heat 2006 installed already and upgrading to Stockcar Heat 08 you only need to download and install Step 2

    Step 1:
    NASCAR Heat Essentials V1.8:

    Description: "NASCAR Heat Essentials" is a package of base files which are required to run mods, tracks and even carsets. The package is patched up to version 1.80, and will bring you all the features of NASCAR Heat as of February 2005.This will work ONLY for add-on MODs, tracks and carsets, you won't be able to play neither full original version of NASCAR Heat nor the demo with these files.But you will be able to download mods and tracks and run with others online or just play offline if you wish.

    Download from this page HERE!(23.7MB)

    Step 2:
    Stockcar Heat 2008:

    Included in the New Update

    73 Real Drivers Cars
    60 Teams Cars: Most updated or new

    19 Chassis (Bullet, Concord, Faram, Francis, Gordge, Gordge single wing, Hemi, Hemi single wing, Hickey, Joblin, Marty, Stiener, Stiener single wing, Tank, Trotter, Stanaway, Wade, Woodsy)
    New Wheels and Tread
    New Menu Screens
    Car Renders in Menu for Real drivers and Teams

    Once both downloads are complete and installed on your system you will notice there will be Three more Stockcar Heat 08 icons on your desktop...

    1. Stockcar Heat 08 - this starts the game
    2. SCH08 Real Drivers Cars – This launches the game to swaps the cars to the real driver’s menu selections.
    3. SCH08 Teams Cars. – This launches the game to swaps the cars to the Teams menu selections.

    When the selection has been set to teams or real drivers the next time you start you only need to use the Stockcar Heat 08 Icon until you want to swap selection menus.

    When you click on these corresponding icons 2 or 3 a command prompt window will open up on your screen. Just hit enter on your keyboard 4 or 5 times and this will close and the game will launch with the correct version you wish to use.

    Note: This will not affect online play. You can still race in the 24/7 server with your teams car or a real drivers car and they will still show up ether way.

    If you want to copy over your setups from 06 to 08 all you need to do is to go into and copy you the folder SETUPS from C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat\stockcar06 to C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat\stockcar08

    It is also advised to delete the stockcar06 folder after you have copied the setup folder to 08

    Stockcar Heat 08 V2 Install HERE 127mb

    Step 3:
    Official Stockcar Heat Track Pack:

    Included in the track patch:
    Baypark (Created by Andy G & updated by Dirtnz)
    Palmerston North (Created & designed by Dirtnz)
    Meanne (Created & designed by Dirtnz)
    Rotorua (Created & designed by Dirtnz)
    Wanganui (Created & designed by Dirtnz)
    Waikaraka Park (Created & designed by Dirtnz)
    Te Marua (Created & designed by Dirtnz)

    Stockcar Heat Track Pack Download Here! (15.5mb)

    Step 4.
    Team Skin Update... version 3

    Stockcar Heat Teams Update V3

    Kings Lynn Speedway:

    Based on the Real-Life track in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England. This is the old version of Kings Lynn and not the newer, recently released version.
    File hosted by: UK Dirt

    Download HERE! (2.3MB)

    Coventry Speedway:

    Based on the Real-Life track in Coventry, England.
    File hosted by: UK Dirt

    Download HERE! (2.3MB)

    Note: You must install these patches in the order they are posted here.

    As more patches are available, I will update this thread.

    Thanks,Dsalnis And Team. cheers

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    dsalnis S14

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    Uk Dirt Tracks

    Post  dsalnis S14 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:05 pm

    More tracks that may be raced on the servers from time to time as the Admin see fit...

    UK Dirt Tracks:

    Burmingham Dirt



    If you do not have them loaded you will be dropped out of the server....

    Thanks,Dsalnis And Team. cheers

    dsalnis S14

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    Stockcar Heat Teams Update V3

    Post  dsalnis S14 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:12 pm

    Some Teams have been updated/ revised chassies etc so you will need to download this and install....

    Team Skin Update... version 3


    Download the file and run the .exe file and it will install them to the to the default location.

    If you do not download this file you may see red cars in the server when the cars are being used

    Remember team cars are ONLY to be used by the person listed as in the team on the DTSR forum.
    If you are not listed then you can not use the team car on the DTSR server.

    Thanks,Dsalnis And Team. cheers

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    Re: Stockcar Heat 08 V3 Downloads

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